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Cops shoot and kill man holding toy gun in Walmart

And before the #MikeBrown incident, we had this happen down there in good ol Ohio.
RIP #johncrawford .

In case you didn’t know, there is a war going on against black males and the police are on the front line. The police don’t think twice about taking a black life. But if Mr. Crawford was another race I’m pretty sure the taser would’ve been used to subdue the individual.

It’s time to #takeourstreetsback.

Fatal shooting by Ferguson police draws angry crowd : News


Police has done it again.
Killed a 17 yr old UNARMED BLACK MALE over..


Littered his body with 10+ bullets.
Let him laying in the street, uncovered, for 5+ hrs.
Wouldn’t let his mom near him.
His parents had to watch his blood run down the street.

This article isn’t scratching the surface.
Peep Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the real story.

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